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The Roof Man in Saskatoon, SK got a complete range of Roof And Waterproofing services for you to choose from. Our services include new roof constructions and roof replacements for all Commercial, Industrial and Residential buildings.

We do all contracting roof and waterproofing work including: Low Pitch Roof, Commercial Roof, Green Roof, Living Roof, Vegetated Roof, Roof Coating, Roof Repair, Roof Maintenance, Re-roof, Roof Retrofit, Leak Inspection, Leak Repair, Deck Waterproofing, Re-Decking, Balcony, Planter Box, Between Slab Waterproofing, Below Ground Tanking, Garage and Basements Waterproofing and much more.

We strong belive that all consumers should receive the best value for their money in any marketplace. Furthermore, we believe that trust in business is maintained through value and that the real value can only be shown by the quality of the particular good or service that is being offered.

We are fully insured company. Honesty, Integrity and Quality are our watchwords.

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Roofing Services

Quality Roofing Products Giving Homeowners Peace of Mind.   Calling a roofing repair specialist today could save you thousands. A leaking roof can create extensive damage within your home; electrics, timber, plaster and flooring can all be subject to water damage.   We specialize in leak detection, repair and emergency roofing services.
Need of a new roof in Saskatchewan? Look no further. The Roof Man are experts with all types...    A good roof is certainly the most important part of any home, as it protects you and your family from...   If your home or business is suffering from a roof leak or other roofing water damage, call us today. 
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Having an annual roof inspection done by a professional is advised, but there are several roof maintenance tasks homeowners can complete themselves.   Is Your Roof Suffering From Weather Damage? Schedule A Free On-Site Estimate.   Roofing contractor for residential and commercial clients. Serving the Saskatoon, SK area. For appointments and information, call (306) 292-7654.
Flat roofs needs special attention, as debris can quickly build up on a flat roof surface. We  provide...   Collaboration it's what drives us. Working together with suppliers to ensure the rigth materials for your project...    Ready to get cost estimates for your project? Trying to figure it out which roof system is going to be the most... 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the materials common used material on a commercial roof?
One study reports on a roof with average dimensions of 10,000 square feet, a new commercial roof can cost over $42,500, or over $4.25 per square foot.  We've mastered all types of commercial roofing material: Modified bitumen most know as torch-on, Single-ply TPO, Single-ply PVC, Single-ply Rubber EPDM, Liquid applied roof systems using higth tech polymers and FFR-K1 Infused Kevlar.
How often should I have a proper inspection and maintenance done on my roof?  
We specializes in the application of the most trusted commercial roof systems including both single ply membranes and traditional asphalt systems. Only the best materials are used to protect our clients and our reputation.  Preventative inspection and maintenance programs can prevent small deficiencies from growing into costly leaks, structural damage, interior damage, and early roof replacement. We recommend that a annual inspection is done by a professional roofer, that will catch the small deficiencies and lower overall roofing costs while extending your roof life.
How do I know if my flat roof is leaking? 
How to Find a Flat-Roof Leak.  Even though you may see a spot on the ceiling inside the building, it doesn't mean that your roof is leaking directly above that spot. Since water seeks the path of least resistance, the leak can be anywhere on the roof, the best thing to do is to call a roof expert to have a look at your roof. 

Servicing Areas
Please contact us for a free advice on roofing and waterproofing services, we serve most areas of Saskatchewan.

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